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MLB 09: The Show Predicts: NL To End All-Star Game Winless Streak

The American League has won the All-Star Game 12 years in a row – not counting the tie in 2002 – but all you National League fans should take heart: the streak will end this year.

Who says? MLB 09: The Show , that's who. Sony has used this year's mega-realistic iteration of the critically acclaimed franchise to simulate the 2009 All-Star Game, and thanks to the reigning Cy Young Award winner, San Francisco's Tim Lincecum, the NL takes a 5-2 victory. Lincecum tossed two scoreless innings and recorded four strikeouts and he even managed to drop in a base hit, which rightfully earned him MVP honors. New York's Mark Teixeira contributed a solo home run in the 4th and Milwaukee's Ryan Braun thew out Toronto's Aaron hill at the plate in the 7th. Ichiro Suzuki managed to go 3 for 3 in a losing effort, and the stellar NL bullpen featuring San Diego's Heath Bell and the Mets' Francisco Rodriguez sealed the deal. …all I gotta say is if the NL wins 5-2, everyone who reads this absolutely must go purchase the game in question; it'll become a worldwide law and I swear, I'll enforce it. Not that I mean to tear down the authenticity of this game – because I wouldn't do that; this title is awesome – but it'd be an unbelievable prediction, wouldn't it?  The NL has to win eventually .

Next up will be the Super Bowl prediction from Madden NFL 10 , and pretty soon, we'll be turning to all the sports simulators for our early answers. Wake up, Vegas! Pay attention, odds-makers!

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14 years ago

Oh hell no!
It's all 'bout the American league!

Mark Texeira is the trump card
Oh, don't forget Mariano River 😀

As long as Mariano Rivera's in the American league they'll always win the All-Star game.

Last edited by Scarecrow on 7/10/2009 10:37:40 PM

14 years ago

Should've been 8-3 as Phillie's Shane Victorino batted in a few runs too, LOL

14 years ago

I'll take you up on that Ben. If the NL wins I'll go buy the game. I played the demo and thought it was pretty good, I've been holding out on it because of all the great games coming our way, but I can make an exception on this one.

14 years ago

Although I live in England, I bought MLB 08: The Show when on vacation in the States last year, and I'm still playing it! I've developed an obsession with baseball now 😛

I think 6-4 to the NL due to David Wright getting an RBI or two, although Scarecrow makes a very good point about Mariano.

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