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Liinux Blu-Ray Piracy Begins

As soon as we announced the availability of Yellow Dog Linux for the PS3, we knew some particularly evil individuals would find a way to hack the PS3. And while there aren't any reports of anybody actually cracking PS3 software yet, Blu-Ray movies are already getting ripped onto the PS3 hard drive.

Looking around the 'Net, several sites (including PVRWire) are reporting on users illegally copying movies to the PS3's hard drive. The problems could escalate from there, because once you have those crazy-big files on the drive, it's possible to divine a way to burn them onto discs.

As expected, it only took a few days for Linux PS3 to allow almost immediate piracy. It won't be long before many more owners will discover different ways to exploit the PS3, even though most users are legitimately downloading Yellow Dog for their own reasons.

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