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Full Auto 2 Golden For PS3

What good is a console's library without at least one high-octane combat racer?

Initially thought to be a launch title, Full Auto 2: Battlelines slipped a bit into December, but at least we know it's staying there. Sega announced today the game has gone gold and will ship to retail stores nationwide on December 7. Developed by Pseudo Interactive, who was responsible for the original title on the Xbox 360, Battlelines should be a solid addition to the PS3's 2006 software lineup.

With over two dozen vehicles, each of which equipped with a ton of firepower provided by more than 20 weapons, the game is guaranteed to be heavy on action. Everything about your background – Meridian City – is fully destructible, which means the player will have to deal with the added obstacle of rubble throughout the race. This sequel also boasts an "unwreck" feature, which allows players to rewind short spans of time, ala Prince of Persia .

For more info on Full Auto 2: Battlelines , check out our E3 Impressions , added info , and screenshots .

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