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First PS3 Hardware & Software Numbers from Japan!

Here it is! The first wave of hardware sales numbers regarding the PS3. Yes, even though it is overseas in Japan, it’s still nice to see something. These numbers are a mixture of reports published by Famitsu and Media Create. So some sales numbers are reported by MC, and others by Famitsu. Regardless, both are quite accurate and that’s all that matters.

The PS3 sold a total of 156,400 units as of November 26, according to Media Create. And the tie-in ratio was 0.81. As of November 19th, Ridge Racer 7 is the best selling PS3 game with 44, 252 units. Gundam is directly behind it trailing by only 600 copies. The sales chart is as follows:

PS3 Hardware: 156, 400 as of 11/26/06

PS3 Software:

Ridge Racer 7: 44,252 as of 11/19/06

Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight 43,690 as of 11/19/06

Resistance: Fall of Man 25,164 as of 11/19/06

The remainder of the launch line up remains un-updated, as sales for Genji still only show up to 11/12. So stay posted for more sales information as it appears.

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