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Sony Going Software Only? No!

Ahh, with the executive shuffle of Sony, rumors and various other "analytical" thoughts as crazy and perplexing as this one were bound to start. Alas, they started a little too soon. Currently, the Financial Times is reporting that an "analyst" claims that the reason for this shuffle is to prepare Sony for an exit from hardware sales, and have the company only concentrate on software.

“The appointment of Hirai could be the start of a shift from hardware to software,” said Yuta Sakurai, an analyst at Nomura. “I cannot now imagine a PlayStation4.”

Uhh, one might say that that's total rubbish…and I wouldn't blame them. More than likely, the shuffle occurred because Kaz Hirai has much tighter relations with publishers from all around the globe — while Kutaragi has been accused of exhibiting somewhat nonchalant behaviors in the past. Ultimately it is the console's software that will move units and keep demand high (see: PlayStation and PlayStation 2). So Sony saw fit another role in place of Kutaragi — and that was (formerly) SCEA's Kaz Hirai, as he would strengthen relations between all 3rd parties. So what does that mean to you gamers? It means better games. More games. And more exclusives. Everyone wins.

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