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PS3 Arcade Titles Get 500MB Limit

One of the biggest advantages the PlayStation Network has over Xbox Live is the simple fact that it's free. However, even Silver Members for Live (that membership comes at no cost to the gamer) can access the Live Marketplace and download those addictive arcade titles. But again, PS3 owners get another little bonus regarding Sony's upcoming arcade games available at the Store.

According to Firing Squad interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica director John Hight, developers are getting a lot more size to work with on the PS3.

"We've arbitrarily set a limit of 500MB to keep download times reasonable," Hight said. "Since we've got plenty of HD space we can accommodate even bigger games and a lot of them."

Live arcade titles are limited to only 50MB, a meager 1/10 of the possible size of PS3 arcade titles. Furthermore, Sony hasn't officially announced an absolute "limit" for those downloadable games, but we've known for some time now that the PS3 arcade games would be significantly larger. After all, Sony has announced PS1 games are on the way (initially for play on the PSP), and those could be several hundred megabytes in size.

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