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GameStop Employees Arrested in PS3 Theft

Remember the story about masked gunmen who entered a GameStop store in California and stole four PS3s and four Xbox 360s the night before the PS3's launch? Sure you do. Well there's a development in the story and the police are now reporting that the employees of the store were actually behind the armed robbery. Closed circuit television didn't capture the crooks robbing the store so police are not able to match the body types, mannerisms, and other physical attributes to that of the alleged thieves.

Police cited that further investigation of the act and the arrest of the employees was triggered by inconsistencies. The two employees who called the police are also, allegedly, the two gunmen who robbed the store, police say. "Our detectives were able to gather information that wasn't consistent with a robbery," Police Officer Christopher Trim said. "They felt there was more to the investigation than meets the eye." As of press time, both suspects have posted bail and are not in custody.

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