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GameStop/EB Gets Second PS3 Shipment

The news of a 50% North American shipment cut hit all prospective PS3 owners hard. Even if you had managed to secure one of those extremely limited preorders way back on October 10, that last-second drop in launch shipment units meant you needed to be in the first half of pre-purchasers if you wanted a system last Friday.

But thankfully, the second shipment has apparently arrived in GameStops and EBs around the country. PSXE has confirmed with two EBs that they've received more PS3s to help fill those previously unfilled preorders. We're not certain if the retailer got enough to completely take care of all their preorders, but one of the EBs we contacted had indeed received their final 8 PS3s to finish up the 16 preorders.

One thing we have to remember about this- there were only a few hundred thousand preorders, and if Sony delivers on its claim to ship 1-1.2 million PS3s before the end of the year, then logically, this means there will be plenty of consoles on the shelves for regular purchase this holiday season. Obviously, they'll go like hotcakes, but they should be available, especially if all preorders are filled this week.

If everything holds true, the PS3 should actually be easier to find this year than the Xbox 360 in 2005…which disappeared and didn't return until several months into 2006.

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