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Qore Ep. 10 Features Burnout, Riddick, Alpha Protocol, More

If you haven't yet had the chance to check out Qore, now is probably the time. They just keep pumping more content into this miniature online magazine, and it's typically well worth your attention, especially if you're a fan of staying up-to-date in the world of gaming.

Qore Episode 10 is now available on the PlayStation Network for the price of $2.99 and it includes some features you won't want to miss. First of all, we get a look at the newest Burnout Paradise expansion – yeah, Criterion just keeps making more of these – and we can't wait to lay eyes on the extra goodies. Then we get a visit to Starbreeze Studios and an inside peek at the upcoming Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena , which should be one of the year's best releases thus far. If you never played Escape from Butcher Bay back in 2004, you definitely need to give this new Riddick (combo HD remake and sequel) a try. Oh, and let's not forget about an early preview of Alpha Protocol , which is a new RPG that has already begun to turn heads. Chances are, it could turn out to be a very controversial title due to the adult-oriented content, but we have other reasons for being intrigued. Fans of Mass Effect will want to apply, and this first look at Protocol is probably worth the $3 price of admission all on its own.

Oh, and if you've been picking up the Qore episodes as they've become available, perhaps it's time to consider an annual subscription. This way, any time new stuff comes 'round the bend, you won't have to shell out any extra cash; you'll just download and enjoy!

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14 years ago

A friend who already had High Velocity Bowling gave me his voucher! I can't wait to play this. If you decide to join or are already a subscriber, you will receive HVB for free. I also see that Veronica Belmont has a new hairstyle!

14 years ago

Yeah the HVB voucher was a surprise – I subscribed back in August – and the Syphon Filter voucher I got last time was pretty cool too. While Qore is okay, it always seems too short as far as content goes… but the freebie stuff do make it somewhat worthwhile.

14 years ago

Two vouchers in two months has been an awesome, unexpected bonus. I've been very happy with the content in Qore and it's been worth the fee, even without the bonuses. But it's like jimmies on top of a sundae when you get free stuff on top of that.

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