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Kaz Hirai Talks PlayStation 3

Ever since Sony revealed the PlayStation 3's hefty price point ($499 for the
watered-down PS3 and $599 for the good one) the internet has been abuzz with
questions about Sony's strategy. Dean Takahashi at the Mercury News managed to grab SCEA head Kaz Hirai at
the show and asked him some great questions about how the company's choice of
Blu-Ray, the price point, and Sony's online strategy. Here's a quick slice of
the interview:

Q: Microsoft had a hard time supplying consoles at the launch. Will
Sony do better?

A: We will have 2 million consoles for the launch, 2 million more by the
end of the year, and 2 million by the end of March. The launch window and the
supply you have at that time is very important. But 6 million is a pretty good

Q: How do you win the console war?

A: It comes down not to what you offer in terms of the console itself. It
comes down to what you run on the console. Is it attractive or not? That doesn't
change with any generation of console. Blu-ray and taking advantage of it is
going to be important.

To read the full interview, simply follow this link.

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