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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Trailer Shows Three Distinct Play Styles

How you play is up to you.

And that's perfectly fine, so long as one of those options is pure stealth, which is supposed to be the cornerstone of this vaunted series. Thankfully, it appears that stealth aficionados will indeed get what they desire in Splinter Cell: Blacklist .

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , there's a new video that outlines three distinct play styles. There's the Ghost, who is precisely the individual Sam Fisher always used to be: Get in, get out, and be nothing but a shadow. No trace of your passing is left behind. You've got lots of nifty gadgets at your disposal for this difficult endeavor, and timing is critical. The darkness is your friend!

Then there's the Panther, who isn't as merciful as the Ghost. The Ghost doesn't leave bodies in his wake and while the Panther does, he still isn't detected. That's what silencers and other quiet deadly devices are for. Lastly, you can go with plain ol' Assault, which is exactly what it sounds like- eliminate opponents by any means necessary, even if it means getting loud and messy. There are plenty of weapons at your disposal, too.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist launches on August 20 in the US.

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10 years ago

The problem with doing stuff like this: you have one kind of AI handling too many types of approaches and so the lack of specialization decouples the player from the experience.

Probably still gonna be a fantastic game though by the look of it.

10 years ago

looks like a pritty awsome game none the less not sure if or when i'd get this but gud be alot of fun kinda makes me think of modern day AC a bit.

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

so, so, so excited for this!
it was cool watching the panel done by the lead AI designer and a few other folk at pax over the weekend.
had a new demo for blacklist too looks oh so cool and creative.
its been such a long time since we have had some solid stealth games but now there slowly starting to make their crawl back!
stealth and survival horror, 2 genres finally making their comeback and i could not be happier!

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