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Lords Of Shadow Dev Teases New Project

Oh, I know! Someone's going to make a true sequel to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night , huh?

Yeah, probably not. But we do know that developer Mercury Steam won't be producing a Lords of Shadow 3 after the upcoming sequel launches, and they're teasing a brand new project, perhaps a new Castlevania entry.

Series producer Dave Cox said during a Comic-Con roundtable interview that his team had learned quite a bit, and they want to apply that knowledge to an all-new title. Besides, he says they've said everything that needs to be said with LoS:

"I think if you've got something to say, you should just say it, and when you're done, just shut up. And we've got something to say. And once it's out there…I think it's time for somebody else; somebody younger, a younger producer to come in and take up the mantle and do what they think would be right for Castlevania and for us to move on to something else.

So, if there is a third LoS installment, another team will have to handle it. Last year, Cox said the developer had few "really cool ideas" and it's no secret that he's a "big fan of Contra . So maybe that's their next conquest…? Or is it a totally different Castlevania ?

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10 years ago

Oh hell yes, Castlevania needs to return to Castlevania styled things. LoS was good but not much of a Castlevania game.

10 years ago

Only Symphony of the Night is Castelvania, the rest shouldn't be considered as games at all. hehehe

10 years ago

If he really is a fan of Contra I have hope for a true sequel. Still, not enough hope to get me exited. If they do a game like Symphony of the Night again, I would be the happiest guy on earth.

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