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Techland’s Hellraid Coming This Year

If you're a Dead Island fan, you probably like the idea of a project described as a "first-person hack 'n slash game."

The developer that brought you Dead Island and Call of Juarez has announced a new title scheduled for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It's called Hellraid and it's due out some time later this year.

We don't have a ton of details, but we know the adventure will feature a single-player campaign and a "unique cooperative multiplayer" component that allows four players to take on the denizens of the dark. It seems Earth has been overrun and only a "select few" can handle the task of defeating the rampaging demons:

"The armies of Hell brought pain and destruction to the realm of man, and only a select few have the fighting skills necessary to confront the devilish monstrosities."

As was the case with Dead Island , Techland's new project will deliver a combination of first-person action and role-playing elements, with added influence from first-person shooters and multiplayer-oriented games. There's even a Game Master system that supposedly makes each play-through "a different experience" by randomly placing enemies and treasure.

So who's up for it?

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10 years ago

It sounds…like Dead Island.

10 years ago

Looks cool, but it would be nice if they would make sure it doesn't have all the technical bugs in DI and DIR. You can only get away with that stuff for so long. Haven't played a first person slasher since Maken X

10 years ago

sounds cool, demons and such.
but it is techland, so yea forgive me if im not jumping in my pajamas excited!

10 years ago

sound great we can always use more hack & slash games

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