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Black Flag Pre-Order Incentives, Special Editions Announced

If you're interested in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag , Ubisoft has all sorts of reasons why you should pre-order. Like, now.

For the AC fans in North America, those who pre-order the latest iteration of the award-winning franchise at GameStop will receive The Black Island Pack. This lets you tackle a new treasure-hunting quest at Black Island, grants you access to the Black Ship, gives you cool silver flintlock pistols used by Captain Morgan for the single-player campaign, and extra items for multiplayer use.

But our European friends get great extras, too. And that's because no less than four version of Black Flag will be available in the European region: the Special Edition, Skull Edition, Buccaneer Edition and the Black Chest Edition. The latter will be exclusive to the Uplay store and features a 55-centimeter model of protagonist Captain Edward Kenway standing on the bow of his ship, the Jackdaw. You'll also get a parchment world map, a real-life replica of the Black Flag, and a steelbook copy of the game, which boasts an art book, soundtrack, two lithograph and two canvas prints, and even more in-game content. Geez, stuff everywhere!

The Buccaneer Edition will be exclusive to UK retailer Game and GameStop in Ireland. This one has the aforementioned Kenway figurine and everything included in the steelbook case described above. The Skull Edition, which will be at "participating retailers," includes basically the same thing, only this one has a "jumbo steelcase." The Special Edition, which as more exclusive content and is only available through Game in the UK and XtraVision in Ireland, wasn't exactly detailed. We don't yet have prices on any of these but it's probably safe to assume you can't get 'em for free.

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10 years ago

While I just can't bring myself to buy an AC game new with them being annual and so quick to price drop, I like at least that they're keeping single player DLC at the fore.

I've been playing AC: R myself.
Playing it looking like this even (check link below)

It's a pretty cool game, though, it feels very familiar. But I really like how much more the assassins are involved. I feel so powerful between myself and all of my abilities and then all of my assassins I can call on in a moments notice. I never really have to get into any brawls at this point because there's just so much I can do to use stealth tactics and everything else around me to my advantage.

10 years ago

This series is going to drive itself to the ground. Too much, too much.

10 years ago


10 years ago

I think…. sorry Ubi. I need a break and I haven't played AC3 yet.

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