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Last Max Payne 3 DLC Drops Today: Deathmatch Made In Heaven

It's time for the last piece of downloadable content for one of 2012's best games.

As detailed at the Rockstar blog , Max Payne 3 will expand one final time with the anticipated addition of the Deathmatch Made in Heaven pack, which hits the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC today.

This expansion features four new multiplayer modes (not maps, modes), and that's the kind of extra content we can get behind: There's Dead Men Walking, Run and Stun, Marked Man and Time Attack. Dead Men Walking is a great two-player co-op mode where you and a partner must fend off waves of oncoming foes. Run and Stun has one player as Saci, Captain Baseball Bat Boy's nemesis, and that player's goal is to kill everyone he sees and turn them to his side. Marked Man makes Vendetta kills five times as lucrative as normal kills in Deathmatch, and Time Attack adds a countdown clock after each kill; the faster you bag another one, the more points you get.

This pack is $9.99 if you're not a Rockstar Pass owner. If you are, it's free. And by the way, we should probably remind you again that Max Payne 3 is pretty bad-ass and that you should…you know, play it.

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10 years ago

wait Max Payne 3 had-has multiplayer? okkkaaay

anyway … man, sure wish I had Ni No Kuni.
Just hit kotaku's website and check that animated gif. Oh man, world map galore. I mean wow!

10 years ago

so disappointed and shocked R* has done no DLC for this!
EVERY game they have done this gen has received SP DLC!
GTAIV, MC, LA Noire, RDR, this is the only game they have released to yet receive a expansion pack!
come on, max needs 1 more dance and 1 more drink!

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