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Acclaimed Fez To be Ported To “Other Platforms” This Year

Don't get too excited; just bear in mind that "other platforms" doesn't necessarily include the PlayStation Network.

The critically acclaimed downloadable game, Fez , received plenty of acclaim in 2012 and now, developer Polytron has confirmed that it will be ported to "other platforms" this year.

Creator Phil Fish stated the following in an entertaining blog post , in which he reflects on 2012:

"…FEZ will finally be ported to other platforms. Yes, i’ve heard you, dozens of people emailing me everyday telling me how much of an idiot I am for not porting FEZ to everything."

He also talked about the future of Polytron, which includes maybe releasing the game's soundtrack and opening up a branch in the US. Fez did pretty well in terms of sales; the unique 2D platformer sold over 100,000 units, which is impressive considering that it was built entirely with Microsoft's XNA tools in an 8-bit retro style. If it does come to the PSN (and it should), it'd be a fantastic addition to Sony's digital library.

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10 years ago

I'm hoping it comes to the vita. The game is fun, just wished it was released on other platforms before seeing exclusivity on Xbox.

10 years ago

Meh Fez doesn't really interest me, now mark of the ninja there's a game I'd like on PSN/Vita

10 years ago

Mark Of The Ninja is terrific. Sadly, the Xbots out there didn't think so and didn't buy it. I got the PC version in October. Awesome game. I don't think it will ever see a PS3 release since Microsoft was the publisher but any half-decent PC can run the game fine.

Fez sounds interesting; if it appears on PC or PS3, I'll check it out. Hopefully, they fixed the save bug that hampered the 360 version.

10 years ago

After watching that documentary on Netflix which included Phil Fish's game I think I'll try out Fez with open arms. They guy went through hell just to get a game out that he himself enjoyed and hoped others would too. Maybe it was a marketing ploy video, but I admire the guy for taking crap and still delivering a game he wanted to make.

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