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PSXE Poll Update: VGAs Didn’t Go Over Too Badly With Gamers

There was a time when the Spike TV Video Game Awards were kind of a joke. Most hardcore gamers didn't pay them any attention.

But as the years have progressed, the awards seem to have become more accurate in the eyes of the ardent fans. As for this last year's show, which resulted in The Walking Dead taking home Game of the Year honors, the fans seem mostly satisfied with the results.

According to our latest poll, the majority of readers said at least some of the awards seemed correct in their eyes, although a fair portion said the awards weren't even close. Perhaps in future years, more progress will be made, although I have a tough time arguing with the majority of the nominees and winners. This week, we want to know what you think of 2012's last big release, Far Cry 3 . Is it indeed one of the year's best, as so many critics have proclaimed? Or are you disappointed in the result? Let us know.

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Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
10 years ago

Ben, just a question/request: Now that Mass Effect is out on Ps3 will you be reviewing it?

As for the VGA's: Bogus!

10 years ago

I still don't know anyone who takes those awards too seriously, it's more like it's another form of game-related entertainment. I don't watch them anymore.

I think Far Cry 3 is a fantastic game, but I've never played it so I can't vote.

10 years ago

the nominations were pretty decent, not great but not that bad.
it was the winners that were the problem.
allot of people are happy with TWD winning GOTY simply because its something so different and very ambitious.
which is nice, but this is not the award for most ambitious game, or most original.
its the game of the year, and there is no way in hell it deserves that title!

should of gone to mass effect 3.
NO game has characters as involving and encompassing as mass effect!
one thing i love about the franchise is it makes you feel such a part of it.
every game i have loved i enjoyed playing as a game, nothing has made me feel part of it, as if im actually just watching a window in space.
you really do feel that some where out in the galaxy this is actually happening.
one of the ways it does that is with all the characters coming up to you and commenting about your past, most games dont do that.
its where living in this time, this is the story were telling.
so it makes it feel artificial, it makes you feel like your just playing a role your not actually the person because you dont feel that history, that existence.
mass effect does though, there is history and previous experiences and it makes you feel like your really a part of the world.

the character balance is excellent too, allot of games have just 1 dimensional characters with 1 personality.
ME is so diverse though, every crew member has their own personality and could not be any more different.
i especially love garrus, even just watching the video they created for the VGAs just put a massive smile on my face.
only 2 games really have characters that do that to me.
portal 2 and mass effect, both games have such engrossing characters it lights up the room every time you see them.
i love glados and wheatley, exactly why im constantly going back and playing the game.
i love wheatleys innocence and fear even intimidation at the start of the game, than once he gains control he turns into a nasty smart a$$ and glados is as usual treating people like their morons.
exactly why i want a portal 3 almost as much as i want half life 3!

as for FC3, its the perfect example of whats wrong with games this gen.
its a FANTASTIC game, but that said it just feels so basic and simplified.
oh only if i had a cent for every time i said that this year!
everything has just felt far too basic, like their half baked.
FC2 had some brilliant ideas and concepts, and there back in FC3 but only at half strength.
its like taking a 12 cylinder engine and lobbing off half the cylinders ruining the engine.
FC3 just feels for the lack of a better word, empty.

the gameplay feels a bit basic even though there are so many combos you can do, LOVE the knife kills ALL stealth games need to incorporate this!
the AI is not the best, the fire propagation system is allot less effective and powerful than it was in FC2.
feels like its the same drink, but half strength.
why does everything have to feel so half baked, simplified and basic?
reminds me of the not so amazing spiderman.
should of and could of been the worthy successor to spiderman 2, but it fell flat on its a$$ basically because of the simplified boring combat system.

i think for FC4 the developers need to step back and start worrying more about the story than they are about hunting, crafting, side missions, co-op and multiplayer.
thats what the game feels like, especially the campaign, just feels like it was not devoted enough resources.
a point proven in the last mission the game tells you are you sure you want to do this mission once you start the world map and side missions will be locked.
you can come back and complete the side missions but not until you have finished the main missions.
so i continued the story, finished it, and poof all side missions went bye bye.
cant even go back to where that happened so i can say no and finish the side missions.
cant even go back so i can choose the other ending either, if you want to see what happens if you make a different choice you have to start the WHOLE game all over again!
which bright spark came up with that idea?
cant believe that, i mean come on if your going to have multiple endings a choose mission option is essential!

no game plus mode either so if you finish the game and want to play again you have to start again which is really boring and frustrating because you have become use too all your upgraded gear.
its hard going back to the original weapons, and single melee when i have been hurling my knife killing enemies for so long.
its like enjoying HD TV than going back to black and white!
please ubisoft, for the love of god, patch in a new game plus mode!

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
10 years ago

I disagree with everything you said about Far Cry 3.

Except the new game+ thing

Last edited by Killa Tequilla on 12/17/2012 9:36:27 AM

10 years ago

Farcry 3 is awesome on the single player side of things but the co op just fails on quite a few different levels. Don't play it on split screen. Graphics take a nose dive face first into the ground. Level design is pretty poor too. Great game but it could've done without the mp.

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