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Death Goes To Battle Again, As More Darksiders II DLC Arrives

Darksiders II remains one of the most addictive and entertaining titles of 2012, and there will soon be reason to return to the dark, demonic fray.

As revealed over at the game's official site , more downloadable content will be available this week. It's called The Demon Lord Belial and if you've already got the Season Pass, it'll be free. If not, you can grab the extra content for $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft Points). Here's a brief description of the DLC:

"Little has been said of the struggles on Earth besides the story given to WAR by the Charred Council. Rumors have now surfaced that perhaps the Third Kingdom was not completely destroyed, and remnants of humanity still yet survive! It falls upon Death to seek out the truth and unearth a forgotten evil… The Demon Lord Belial."

This will be ready to go today (December 4) for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and tomorrow for PC players. Darksiders II is just an absolute blast and a half, and highly recommended for just about anyone who loves the idea of a lengthy, stylish action/RPG. You play as Death, after all. I mean, come on …is it possible to have a bigger bad-ass as a protagonist?

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10 years ago

Still stuck in Darksiders 1 in this spot where there's like train cars I gotta shift around and lift up. Can't figure it out.

10 years ago

god dam vergil slow down!
im really starting to get worried there releasing all this DLC because they know THQ will not let them do another darksiders.
and that makes me a sad sad panda!
come on, darksiders is one of THE best new IPs this gen it DEMANDS many, many more games!
but first please bring back war!
he was so much more original and fun to play than death.

10 years ago

I have the first Darksiders for PC, it's pretty hard using a Keyboard and Mouse but I am getting the hang of it.

I'm liking the game, I honestly thought It would be bad but it's really not.

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