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Capcom To Deliver Balancing Patch For Street Fighter X Tekken

Okay, fighting fans, one of the year's most entertaining fighters is about to get even better.

You just have to wait until December, when Capcom says they will deliver a big new update for Street Fighter X Tekken . Good news, right?

It's essentially a balancing patch, which is something most every hardcore fighting aficionado wants to hear. General balancing including tweaks to the various characters, as well as some visual alterations, are expected. Of course, some characters require a bit more TLC than others; as you can see through the link, there are a bunch of fighters on tap for some fixes:

And yes, the patch is free. Also, don't forget that Street Fighter X Tekken for the PlayStation Vita launches next week (October 23), so the timing for this announcement isn't too bad.

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11 years ago

Awesome! It's about time they started patching this up. This game is brilliant but some of those gems are in some serious need of nerfing & balancing.

Heres hoping they add the rest of those alt costumes from the Vita version as well & some more colors. I want to color some of those ugly color choices they have on some of the default costumes.

11 years ago

As long as they stop re-releasing there games, which I think ironically caused this game to flop

11 years ago

What the???

This game got ripped apart because people were denied of 12 characters that were never advertised to them to begin with. It's a fever called self entitled gamer syndrome. 😀

When the game released, the gem system was an utter disaster that needed balancing badly. Gems were supposed to be the big draw card but noone was even using them which is bad when the game relies on them as a fighting mechanic.

Capcom are trying to give this game some new life & are looking to righting the wrongs by fixing the gem system as well as balancing the overpowered & weaker characters with patches until they get it right. I fail to see why they should stop re-releasing the game when their purpose is to improve it & make it better to play for fans. I'd rather they stuck with it, fixed the problems people are upset about & make it better for those currently disappointed with it. It would mean alot to those who spent money on it & wanting some of the current problems fixed.

I'm not sure where you're getting re-releases from? The only form of re-release is Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 which is a massive patch with a wealth of fixes that can be downloaded for free.

11 years ago

I wish they did this on Tekken 6… Heihachi is way underpowered, daft characters like Alisa and Lili are way to fast and each light hit does more than Heihachi's strikes.

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