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“Tricky-Inspired” DLC Heading To SSX

Okay, Tricky fans, line up.

Chances are, you've already got the well-received SSX , and you've been waiting for a way to expand on your over-the-top boardin' experience.

EA is here to oblige: As revealed at the game's official website , we'll be getting the SSX Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack on May 1. It's "TRICKY inspired," and the mountain is "ultra-long" and features 9 new Race and Trick Drops. There are plenty of big ol' kickers, crazy grinds, a Big Air drop, and even fireworks. This pack also delivers 7 retro characters from SSX 3 and SSX Tricky , and each of those characters will come equipped with his or her own snowboard. Oh yeah, and we get 3 classic music tracks, too.

If you don't want to spring for the entire bundle, you can purchase the goodies separately, and you can check out the individual pricing through the link above. As we get closer to May 1, EA will be showing off more from this great new expansion, including "character images, gameplay videos and a live Q&A with the development team talking about the new DLC."

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11 years ago

I'm still waiting for split screen.

11 years ago

you will be waiting for ever then im afraid, its so not going to happen.

and after playing this now since it dropped… I dont think it needs it. at first I could see and understood the cries of a million voices screaming out, but although it may seem like a lonely multiplayer, it sure doesnt feel like it. in fact I think its been interesting and successful.

We all want split screen, but its not going to happen, so lets just stop moaning about it. buy the game if you want, and if you dont want because it doesn't offer you something you do want, then hey ho.. but please stop going on and on about this, its so pointless and boring.


anyway, yey for Tricky inspired tracks! though characters are a lil pointless for me personally as I only really play as Mac and Eddie, but still all welcome DLC.

11 years ago

And I just Plat'd this game two days ago! xD

I probably won't be getting the dlc right away(unless the price is right). But I'd definitely go back to it at some point. This has to be one of my favorite games of this year!

I would lol, if one of the 3 songs is Caesars – Jerk it out. xD

11 years ago

Look like a fun run (MT Eddie – 5.99 just like the 7 character pack )but it cost too much for my taste ( says 9 drops but we all know if you play from the 2 top ones then you saw all of them ) .

If you care about getting more character along the track then it s worth it but since i think it s pretty much useless to have more character in that type of game i won t get the bundle ( 7.99 ).

Last edited by berserk on 4/17/2012 6:55:11 AM

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