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Shadows Of The Damned 2 A Possibility

Shadows of the Damned turned out to be quite a solid, entertaining experience.

And the good news is that the game's publisher, EA, would "probably" be intrigued by the idea of a sequel from developer Grasshopper Manufacture. The team that produced the dark yet purposely corny horror shooter consists of Resident Evil guru Shinji Mikami, well-known designer Suda 51, and Akira Yamaoka, who gave us some of the haunting music in the Silent Hill franchise.

And we really did like Shadows . However, it didn't really sell all that well, and as Grasshopper's Goichi Suda told Eurogamer , producing a really successful new IP isn't easy.

"I think it's really difficult to be successful with a new IP. You really need an extraordinary amount of support to have a new franchise be successful. Unfortunately we couldn't really do as well as we hoped for."

However, Yamaoka said a sequel is possible- "I'm thinking of a sequel, actually," he said. He wasn't able to go into any detail, but at least it's an encouraging statement for fans of the original title. Still, he did add that EA would be interested in a second game, so maybe they've cleared all the necessary hurdles already. Here's hoping they get better support for a follow-up effort.

Remember, Shadows of the Damned is the very first Japanese-developed game EA has published.

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11 years ago

I'd play it if the upgrades make it as twice as awesome as the first.

11 years ago

I'd definitely play it..Grabbed the first one for 360 on the bargain bin. Had a blast but still stuck on one part b/c the lack of ammo I had before I proceeded. Game is hilarious especially some of the names of the weapons and phrases Garcia shouts out.

11 years ago

It was pretty fun and usually funny but I had no desire to play it a second time, I hope Lollipop Chainsaw excels where Shadows fell a bit short.

11 years ago

Yes please, more SOTD!!!

11 years ago

why is it the worst series out there get sequels, but the sheer pure gold gets left to rot?
i said it once, twice, a million times and ill say it again.
no justice in this industry, none what so ever!
mr obsessed with sausages gets a sequel, where a brilliant thought out story like enslaved gets left behind.
i guess the saying is true, sex really does sell!

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