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Orc Attack Revealed: Gassy Orcs Take On Annoying Humans

This actually reminds us of good ol' Battletoads from yesteryear. Unfortunately, the toads never got explosive flatulence. …did they?

Casual Brothers Games has revealed Orc Attack , which will come to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, PC and OnLive in the fourth quarter of this year.

Yes, you're playing as orcs, not humans. And those orcs are pissed because the humans came along and made the water toxic, thereby creating poisonous fruits. The orcs ate those fruits and got a little…backed up. So, you and three buddies are going to head out and hit the humans where it hurts, holding your gaseous abilities in until it's time to decimate large groups of the offending race. Here comes Doc Turd, Fray Crap, Sir Niff, and Lord Poop.

Well, you know, something to look forward to. We like co-op games of this nature, and it should be a blend of the old Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance titles and Gauntlet . These formats used to be part of the big-budget landscape in gaming but now, they seem to be limited to the downloadable realm. And that's fine…provided it's fun. And this looks like unabashed, unashamed entertainment, right?

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11 years ago

Lol. Headline had me in stitches.

11 years ago

Wow, this game looks to be a real stinker!

Ha I can already foresee see the names of the next 6 DLC's for this game later on too….

Let 'er rip

Farting follies

Flash in the pan(ts)


The Gastritis Orchestral Quartet

Wasn't it sometime we ate?

11 years ago

Looks pretty good, has the potential to be a fun co-op game but if they want my money they'll have to polish the game a lot before it releases.

11 years ago

Seriously… A game built on fart jokes?
I'm too old for this sh*t. Literary speaking.

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