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Get All Nostalgic With PixelJunk SideScroller Next Week

If you're a fan of the great PixelJunk series, you'll be excited to learn about the latest title from Q Games.

All you have to do is check the developer's Twitter account to learn the good news:

"PixelJunk SideScroller comes out next week. For anyone in the US, Oct. 25th is SideScroller day!"

Yep, on October 25, we'll get some old-school side-scrollin' goodness, and we're sure it'll exist in the same smooth, attractive landscape in which all these titles exist. Boasting lasers, homing missiles, and a bevy of other weapons, players will progress through colorful levels, avoiding incoming fire by executing a cool spin move. Other features include a health bar system, so this has all the hallmarks of a great old-fashioned experience with a modern-day twist.

PixelJunk SideScroller will also support local co-op action for a couple players at once. Battlefield 3 comes out on the same day, so wouldn't it be interesting to compare the mechanics of yesteryear to what shooters have become today?

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12 years ago

Wow, more crickets!

OK, don't hate just because I haven't played anything PixelJunk, but hasn't most of their games been sort of side scrolly(yes, I just made the word up) too?????

BTW, I do own PJ's Monsters Deluxe for my PSP, but with my huge ever-growing backlog, I still haven't gotten the chance to even sample it yet.

12 years ago

Anything PixelJunk is an instant great imo. Been satisfied with all my purchases from em 😀

12 years ago

I have yet to finish PixelJunk Shooter and still have to play PJS2 (which I bought on release day) so I'll probably wait a few more weeks for SideScroller. It does look like it might be their best game yet.

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