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Jak 3 Details Revealed

This morning, Sony released new information regarding the final game in the Jak and Daxter trilogy. "True to the Jak and Daxter franchise," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America, "players will be immediately thrown into fast-paced action and seamless adventure that will drive the story along through twists and turns until the final climax -where all is revealed." The revelation Ami speaks of is an understanding of the Precursor civilization, a mystery since the first game.

A year has passed since the events of Jak II, however, all is not well within Haven City. Citizens have begun to distrust Jak due to his dark powers, and rumors begin to spread blaming Jak for the current state of the city. When the Metal Heads destroy the castle, Jak is banished to the desolate Wasteland, with only Daxter and Pecker by his side.

The Wasteland, a desert environment fives times the size of Haven City, will feature numerous areas, including mines and a volcano. Due to the enormity of the terrain, vehicles will play an important role in moving from area to area. Jak will feature a "rugged new look", complete with a new suit of armor. Of course, new weapons will be added to Jak's upgradeable arsenal.

In addition, Jak has gained new powers as a result of his exposure to Light Eco. Light Jak, with a glowing electric blue aura and a massive wing span, will be able to glide great distances, block enemy attacks, and power up at anytime. Dark Jak wasn't ignored either, and receives several new capabilities.

On the technical side, Naughty Dog has implemented several new additions. Ragdoll Physics will give each enemy a unique death animation, while the independent cloth movement technology will, you guessed it, give clothes much more realistic movement. The game's AI has also been improved, and will now climb walls and use smart formations in their efforts to hinder Jak's movements.

Jak 3 is currently scheduled for a Fall 2004 release.

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