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Monster Hunter World Dante
Dante of Devil May Cry Will Join Monster Hunter
Since its release in January, Monster Hunter has wasted no time in adding crossovers from other games. Earlier this month players were able to gather items to create an outfit that turned your character into Aloy from Horizon. You could ...
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A Hat in Time
A Hat in Time Review
A Hat in Time turned out to be an unexpected gem that is very reminiscent of past character platformer games such as Mario 64 or Spryo the Dragon. Well done platforming, an interesting cast of characters, excellent boss fights, and ...
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Bethesda Game Studios
Bethesda Expands With a New Studio
One of the biggest game developers is expanding and that’s probably good news for us gamers. It might be bad news for the game Battlecry though. Along with the two current locations, Bethesda announced that it has brought Battlecry Studios ...
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PSX Extreme Update
I know we’ve been pretty damn silent over the last couple of months. As you may be able to see, we’ve been kinda busy behind the scenes. We ended up quite literally recreating PSX Extreme almost from scratch, and moving ...
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Shadow of the Colossus Review
When Ico first launched in 2001, it was incredibly well received by players and critics alike, thanks largely to its unique setting, style and gameplay. An ambitious game in an era of big budget shooters and over the top action games, ICO ...
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