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Iron Spider
Iron Spider Revealed as Next Spider-Man Suit
Earlier today James Stevenson, Community Director of Insomniac Games hopped on the Playstation Blog today to unveil the newest Spider-Man suit you can get by pre-ordering, the Iron Spider. Insomnica announced a release date earlier this month and at the ...
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God of War
God of War Stone Mason Unboxing
You may have heard of a little game called God of War that was recently released to the wild. It’s pretty amazing, too. Just ask our Reviews Editor, Ryan Hartmann; it’s the first game he’s given a perfect 10 to. Ever ...
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The Division’s Blackout Global Event Is Now Underway
For the next six days, players of Ubisoft’s The Division can participate in the new Global Event, Blackout. We just recently took a Second Look at the game and concluded that it’s a great time to jump back in, especially ...
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Detroit Become Human
Play A Demo of Detroit: Become Human Tonight
Earlier today co-CEO of Quantic Dream, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, announced on that PlayStation Blog that their upcoming futuristic game Detroit: Become Human has gone gold. The game is ready to go! He talked about how fans have reacted to the ...
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God of War Review
Watershed moments in this business are rare. It is not often that you see any one game or decision fundamentally change the landscape of the industry, but it does happen. The first Metal Gear Solid comes to mind, as do ...
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Agony Almost Received an Adults Only Rating
There are not a lot of games that have received an AO (adults only) rating and even fewer on the PlayStation systems. Sony is pretty adamant about not having games with this very rare rating. Agony was ready to get ...
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God of War Director Cory Barlog Reacts to Reviews
We’ll have our review of God of War up by the end of the weekend, but in the meantime director Cory Barlog has posted a video reacting to critic scores that will give you chills. Having put in five long ...
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Pinball FX 3: The Last Jedi Review
I may as well be honest at the outset, here – I’ve never played Pinball FX 3 before now. It wasn’t until Zen Studios sent me review copy of their latest release that I’d given it any thought, so for ...
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Second Look: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Return to the Dark Zone
Editor’s Note – This article is based on my time with the PC version of The Division. Given that Second Look features do not cover visual or input issues that would vary based on version, we do not believe any ...
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NeuroVoider Review
At first glance it would be easy to mistake NeuroVoider for one of many other twin stick shooters. While the game does have some of those typical gameplay elements such as dodging bullets and shooting down enemies, NeuroVoider is surprisingly ...
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PS4 Update 5.53 Has Some European Players Concerned About Privacy
The PlayStation 4 got another firmware update this week, version 5.53, and some of the language included in that update has led to concerns about privacy among PS4 gamers in Europe. The update includes a statement about “additional data” that ...
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Epic Games is Handing Out Free Fortnite Items and Double XP
If you play a lot of Fortnite, you may have noticed that the game has had some networking hiccups lately. The latest major update, version 3.5, didn’t roll out as smoothly as possible. As an apology of sorts, Epic Games ...
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