Nintendo blew the gaming part of the internet away last week with the announcement of the SNES Classic Mini, a successor of the NES Classic Mini. Both of these cute little consoles offer some of the greatest hits of their respective times in HD, at a compact size, and at a price of about 60$ (a bit higher for the SNES from what I’ve seen.)

Do we, as fans, and some of us longtime gamers, need a Playstation Mini? If you recall, backwards compatibility (BC) was a thing with Playstation consoles up until the early life of the Playstation 3, and I know many people loved that option. Microsoft has had some nifty success with its BC program on the Xbox One, even announcing its plans to extend the feature recently with OG Xbox games. Heck, most Nintendo consoles have offered BC, with the current exception of the Switch.

Now it is a fact that we can find some old and pretty good games on the PS Store as part of the Playstation "Classics", some going all the way back to the PS1 era. Add to that the fact that we also have the option of PS Now, but this last one doesn't seem to be viable for many people due to its price or internet speed requirements.

The NES version was pretty successful, despite its supply shortage, which scalpers took no time to take advatange of. I'm assuming a lot of people will be pretty happy with the SNES version as well.

So, based on this situation, would you be willing to buy a "Classic Mini" edition of a Playstation?

Personally, it would have to have a LOT of pretty good games for me to dish out a possible 60$ price tag. And obviously include a second controller; can't miss out on my multiplayer games.