Hey guys, what’s happening? Hope your weekend is going well so far, but if it isn’t, then, uh… sucks to be you.

Anyway, this is a new segment thing that I’m going to probably start doing. This is where I basically just babble on about random stuff, and hope that these words make some sliver of sense to at least one of our readers.

So, E3 is right around the corner, and there’s a rather huge rumor flying around that Sony is planning to announce a PlayStation 5. You know, something that’s super powerful, and capable of competing against Microsoft’s new behemoth of a console, the Scorpio. So let me just share some of my thoughts on this potential announcement for a moment. Cause you know, I’m bored, and babbling is what I do when I’m bored.

First up, I do not believe that Sony is going to announce a brand new console. The PS5 is just not happening any time soon. It’s a super silly thing to even consider at this point, with the PS4 doing so freaking well right now. Announcing a brand new PS5 would kill the momentum of the PS4, which is kinda counterproductive as far as I’m concerned. So no, Sony is not going to announce a PS5.

However, it’s totally possible that Sony could announce a new hardware revision to the PS4. A sort of “PS4 XL ” that could go head to head against the Xbox Scorpio, which itself is really just a beefed up Xbox One.

A PS4 XL actually makes some strategic sense as well. With the Scorpio, Microsoft is going to have three main Xbox One consoles out on the market. The Xbox One, the Xbox One S, and the Xbox One Scorpio. Currently, Sony only has two PS4 consoles, being the original, and the Pro model. So it’s very plausible that Sony is interested in releasing a third hardware revision.

Now, this brings with it a pricing situation. If Sony is to have three main PS4 models on the market, they are going to need to price them accordingly. Here are my predictions.

PS4: $199

PS4 Pro: $299

PS4 XL: $499

This pricing would act as a buffer between the three models. If you were just looking to play some awesome PS4 games, you could get the base $199 model. If you’re looking for a little graphics upgrade, the Pro model is the way to go, without killing your bank. However, if you want the ultimate experience, with the best games and the best graphics, splurge for the XL, allowing you to truly play beyond what was previously imaginable.

So, to conclude this rather pointless article. Do I believe that Sony is going to release a PS5 within the near future? No. Definitely not. However, I do believe that we may see a revision to the PS4 that puts it at the cutting edge of gaming. So if any kind of new hardware is going to be announced at this years E3, it’s going to be a hardware revision and a price drop to go with it, not a brand new console. Because a brand new console at this stage in the PS4’s life would kill the PS4’s momentum, which is not what Sony wants to do. They want to capitalize on this momentum for as long as possible. They want to add more fuel to the fire, and keep the light behind the PS4 going for many more years to come.

So, what do you guys think? Is Sony going to announce a brand new piece of hardware at this years E3? And if so, what are they going to announce? PS5? PS4 XL? Something else entirely? Or perhaps nothing? Let us know in the comments below.