Had it not been guaranteed to be a steaming pile of horse manure, I'd be ridiculously excited for Final Fantasy XV . But this will be the first FF I completely ignore.

Doesn't matter; I've got GOOD games I can play, like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I finally got around to picking this up and though I've only played the first few hours, it's pretty much what I wanted.

I really like the fact that we had a big recap of Human Revolution 's storyline because I didn't remember any of it. It's also great that we have the option of selecting the exact same control scheme as the last game, and Adam Jensen remains a pretty bad-ass character. I'm more than a little tired of the "one group being oppressed" theme that I'm so sick of I could just puke, but it's not only gaming that seems fixated on this topic. Besides, there are more philosophical angles to the plot in Deus Ex games, so I hope those come to the forefront at some point.

The graphics are good but not great (standard fare for this franchise) and I certainly appreciate the freedom. It bugs me a little that you actually use energy to perform any kind of Takedown (was it like that in Human Revolution ?) but I'll get used it. I expect a fantastic adventure, that's for sure.

Zero interest in PS4 Pro

I don't even have a 4K TV and even if I did, I still wouldn't bother with the PS4 Pro. What's the point? Unless I want to stream 4K movies, why bother? The system doesn't even have a UHD Blu-Ray player so I still can't run 4K discs in there, whether they were movie or game. And we're so far away from true 4K gaming that I can't imagine why I should care either way. $400 for some upscaling? Seriously? Yeah, I saw some of the enhanced games, like Horizon: Zero Dawn , running on PS4 Pro and frankly, I don't think it's a drastic difference. Again, I don't have 4K TV and as a shockingly tiny amount of any entertainment is available in 4K right now, I can't conceive of any logical reason to spring for 4K tech.

Just let me know when games can be made in 4K. Then maybe I'll consider getting a system that specializes in 4K. Until then, I'm not paying another $400 – after spending that much only 3 years ago – for a PS4 1.5 basically, which amps up the frame rate a bit. I mean, yay. I expect PS5, or whatever the next PlayStation system is, will be the one I end up getting.

The Last Guardian delayed again?!

I know it's still coming out this year (December now, I guess) but when Yoshida said it was to take care of a few remaining bugs, I had to shake my head. What's he talking about? You had how long to make this game? And we're still talking about bugs in the final product? Besides, what's two months going to do? I wonder if there isn't some other reason they pushed it back…perhaps because historically, not much comes out in December and you don't have to directly challenge the likes of Battlefield 1 , Dishonored 2 , and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare , all of which will be out in late October and early November.

Maybe Sony just wants to give Guardian the best possible chance to succeed because if it doesn't after a good 8 years of talking about it, well, there will be some serious backlash.

Coming up…

It'll be all about Mankind Divided for a while and as Guardian has been delayed, maybe I'll finally go back to do the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . But I also replayed the first episode of Life is Strange because I never got past the second episode and I've always wanted to finish it. Those of you who really enjoy story-driven experiences like Heavy Rain or Until Dawn will definitely want to check it out if you haven't already. It has some teen angst crap that I just can't abide but I can overlook it (for the most part). ­čśë

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