I'm in a bit of a gaming lull; I took a little time off after beating I Am Setsuna to watch the Olympics and catch up on some Netflix stuff.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is getting good scores!

I see on Metacritic it isn't scoring quite as high as Deus Ex: Human Revolution (one of my favorite games of 2011) but I'm satisfied with the new one sitting at 85.

For one thing, I'm convinced critics are a little harsher on games than they've been in the past, as it's becoming increasingly rare to find any game that averages a 9+ score. There are only a small handful each year that manage to do that. And I like what I'm reading from the reviews; they're basically saying it's a bigger, deeper version of the last installment, and that's precisely what I wanted. I did see some people saying this is actually a downside, in that the art direction and gameplay is actually too similar to Human Revolution . Well, we'll have to see.

Provided it's another great action/RPG with a solid story and the boss fights have been fixed (and it appears they have), I'm sure I'll love it. 🙂

How could you NOT laugh at FFXV's delay?

11 years in development and it's still not done. These people have been so horribly lost on this project for so long that it's starting to feel like one giant joke. Now I hear it "needs another two months."

Yeah, no. The entire thing needs to be scrapped and someone at Square Enix needs to figure out what kind of game they want to make. They have no idea, clearly. If you want to turn it into Kingdom Hearts , fine, but it can't control that poorly. It can't have zero semblance of role-playing strategy. It can't feel like preparation is essentially pointless provided you just hit the buttons well enough. That's not an RPG. It never was and it never will be. All this delay proves is that they're so disoriented and disorganized over there, that they're flailing about at the last second, desperately trying to fix a bunch of crap before it goes out the door.

If I was 99 percent convinced this game was going to be junk before, I'm now 100 percent convinced.

No Man's Sky is…okay, it seems

If you'd ask me to guess at the average review score for this one before it came out, I would've said 7. And lo and behold, that's precisely what it's getting . I've read a few reviews; it's about what I expected. The idea that there was some sort of story or narrative wasn't really true, as I anticipated, though I know you can follow a certain path to the "end," so-to-speak. This is really more for those who simply love to explore and enjoy the idea of seeing new things every time they play (and nobody else is seeing that stuff, either). I imagine it's perfect for MMO players and the like but it never was for me.

The urge to play an old game springs anew…

This always happens when nothing too pressing sits on the back burner. And I invariably think about playing one of the my "Big 3:" Final Fantasy Tactics , Castlevania: Symphony of the Night , or Final Fantasy VII . If I choose either of the FFs, I almost never finish; I just play it until something new really grabs my attention and forces me back to modern day. But SotN is a nice go-to because I can play it the way I want to play it (200.6% complete, get all the best equipment, etc.) in 7-8 hours. But I still have to see about that Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . Hmm…