I'm not really keeping up with video game news these days, so I don't know much about current events.

Hence, my Week in Reviews will basically become big "personal gaming updates," I guess, along with a few random thoughts of what's coming up soon (if I'm aware of them, of course). 🙂

Final Fantasy XV comes out next month…totally forgot

After the horrid demo, I sort of blocked this out of my head. I remember it getting a September launch date but I pretty much ignored that.

But I've spotted FFXV popping up online here and there, and it has reminded me that the game isn't far off at all. It's so depressing, though. There was a time in my gaming life when I would've been all sorts of excited; a new FF was an automatic day-one purchase, and visions of the greatness that was about to break forth on my screen were clear and enticing. But now that I know precisely what FFXV really is – a mediocre action game at best – I can really compare and contrast; I can see just how far the franchise has fallen.

And before anyone says something insanely idiotic like, "you hate it because it isn't turn-based," let me say that this is entirely irrelevant. There are no major turn-based RPGs left (outside of I Am Setsuna , which obviously isn't a big-budget production) and I haven't played one in a long time. I love action/RPGs. But see, they have to be good games. FFXV blows. The mechanics suck. What do you want me to say? If it had been a decent game, I most likely would've played it because I like action/RPGs. Thing is, I don't have time to play trash.

Have they confirmed PS4 Neo for 2016 yet?

I'm not sure I care if they have, as I'm probably not going to get the upgraded PlayStation 4 until next year, anyway. I'm just wondering if current PS4 owners are all psyched for this new system and if so, when they're gonna spring for it. The minute it comes out? Or, are most people diving in out of the gate doing so because of PlayStation VR…?

And speaking of PlayStation VR…

Still have no interest in VR, sorry.

I Am Setsuna deserves maybe an 8.0 but no higher

I don't have time to produce a review for it but I can say I'd give it an 8.0. I wish the story and characters had been a little better, and the vagueness and randomness surrounding some of the battle elements is just too frustrating. Still, it really is the epitome of a classic, golden-age turn-based RPG, so those who loved those games will undoubtedly enjoy I Am Setsuna . I seriously doubt the developers will produce a sequel but if they do, they need to make it longer, make the world more diverse and engaging (recycled and cut-and-pasted environments were painfully evident), give us more equipment options and drop the Talismans (which just weren't defined well enough), and toss in some cut-scenes. Yes, I'm serious.

Stuff I want in the future:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is due out in a few weeks and I'll be all over that. I'll have some time, too, because there really isn't anything out in September – or maybe even October – that I want. No, wait, I definitely want The Last Guardian in October, and isn't the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider coming this holiday as well? That'll be mine, definitely. And yes, I'm still trying to get to that Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt .

Quick PSXE Update

FYI, the owner says he most certainly ISN'T shutting down the site any time soon. It's still drawing a little traffic (probably from the huge back-log of content), so he'll keep it up. I know there are at least half a dozen people out there with back-end access to volunteer pieces, so they're free to do so. So long as it's PlayStation related – or even videogame-related – I'm sure it'll be fine. Nothing is stopping you from putting stuff up. 🙂