Only one more week until I Am Setsuna arrives! I'm actually more excited for that game than I am for most other titles scheduled for 2016.

The Witcher 3 gets a GotY Edition…no surprise, but do I buy?

I wasn't exactly shocked when I heard the confirmation about a special Game of the Year Edition for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt .

With the exception of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End , CD Projekt Red's brilliant action/RPG is my favorite game of the generation. Thing is, I haven't yet had the chance to play Blood and Wine, the second expansion. I'm just about ready now, but…I dunno, I have a hard time getting back into any game after not playing it for a while. I finished the last expansion – the downright stellar Hearts of Stone add-on – late last year and I haven't played the game since. And The Witcher 3 isn't exactly the kind of thing you can just pick up and play after such an extended absence.

I'm going to have to sit down and become reacquainted with the mechanics and everything and it's actually a little daunting. It's almost impossible to pass up, though, as I'm hearing Blood and Wine actually offers 90 new quests and 30 hours of gameplay , which is just totally insane for an expansion. But with this GotY Edition coming, I'm almost tempted to wait…if I don't play Blood and Wine now, I'd have an excuse to get the GotY version later this year, and I'd get all the extra goodies, too. ­čśë

Missed out on The Warriors game; maybe now's the time…

Ironically, I just recently saw the movie on TV, and it reminded me that I never played The Warriors game when it came out on PS2 all those years ago. Now, it's available on PS4 and it's awfully tempting. I just wonder if it's one of those games that stands the test of time…I don't mind older technology, of course, but when the gameplay is just so wildly outdated, it's difficult to like it. I remember when I was all psyched to download the original Fighting Force and was just appalled at how bad it controlled. Of course, back in the day, it was a blast but these days, it's beyond outdated. I hope The Warriors at least remains entertaining; I heard it was a darn good game when it came out.

Obviously, this isn't the news I wanted from Rockstar. I know Red Dead Redemption came to Xbox but seriously, where's the sequel announcement? We didn't get it at E3 and while we all know it's coming (and I know Rockstar doesn't want to announce games too early), we still have no official confirmation. Come on. Let's unveil that sucker.

Personal gaming update

I finished Mirror's Edge Catalyst . It's a fine game; the mechanics were sound and while a lot of the side missions were outrageously frustrating, it proved oddly addictive. But now that the story is done and Faith is maxed, I see now reason to run around doing all the other stuff, so I'm moving on.

I went on the Store last night and saw that demo for Resident Evil 7 and tried it out, and I was encouraged. It wasn't very long but you do get that good ol' survival/horror sensation when playing it, as if Capcom is telling everyone, " see , we are returning to the franchise's roots!" I think this one has the potential to be the RE that we've all wanted since RE4 (though I liked RE5 just fine and finished it). Speaking of which, I hear RE4 is coming to PS4 as well…man, I loved that game. ­čÖé

So it's either Blood and Wine right now or I'll wait and play I Am Setsuna first. Oh, and I want to try out Insomniac's new underwater "Metroidvania" game, Song of the Deep . Decisions, decisions…

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