First off, Happy Father's Day to all. ­čÖé Now about that E3 stuff…

Well, God of War looks appropriately awesome

I figured it was about time for Sony to unveil the next entry and I'm definitely excited.

Like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End , this new entry feels like a proper progression of one of the best video game IPs ever. It's more open (it's a rule that you can't have straight-up linear games anymore, obviously) but it's clearly not a sandbox structure, and the emphasis seems to remain squarely on combat. Though it appears there will be more depth in terms of character advancement, and there might be some interesting puzzle and platforming mechanics.

And I like the new Norse theme, too, and I'm very glad they decided to stick with Kratos. He defines this franchise and it just wouldn't be GoW without him, so I'm pleased to see him there, even if he's been overhauled. Can't wait for this one!

Detroit will be a big-time winner

First of all, I think it's great that we'll be seeing Indigo Prophecy on PS4; it was one of my favorite games from that generation. Secondly, the new Detroit: Becoming Human trailer Quantic Dream showed off at E3 was just incredible . The game has a ridiculous amount of promise, specifically from a storytelling standpoint. Heavy Rain remains one of my all-time favorite titles and I don't care what anyone says, the story and characters, while obviously not on par with great movies or books, is still head-and-shoulders above most other games in existence. I expect nothing but brilliance this time around from QD, so they had best deliver.

The Last Guardian is coming this year! I almost can't believe it

Like many PlayStation fans, I've been waiting on this so-called piece of vaporware for a good six years. It was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive, then the project went all sorts of sideways and for a long time, we didn't hear much of anything. Even after it re-debuted at last year's E3, Sony went silent again in the previous year, which I admit was concerning. But they brought it back to this year's show , gave us a new trailer, and better yet, slapped a true-blue launch date on it. And I don't mind that it's set for October because as I have no interest in either of the big shooters ( Call of Duty or Battlefield ), we're not getting a new Assassin's Creed , and I doubt I'll want to play Watch Dogs 2 , the fall isn't as crazy for me as usual.

I will absolutely have to get Dishonored 2 in November, though.

Resident Evil 7 a return to form…? Looks like Capcom learned something

I've said several times over that Resident Evil 6 suffered from the worst case of identity crisis I'd ever seen and after the abysmal Operation Raccoon City and a few other Capcom failures in recent years, one wondered if good ol' RE would ever experience a return to glory. I know most horror aficionados were doubtful. But after seeing the reveal during E3 , I have to say that it looks very encouraging. Hey, looks like a true horror experience, doesn't it? I think Capcom got away from this "every gamer wants every game to be action" theory that plagued a lot of developers in past years, and they also saw the success of other hardcore horror games, like Outlast .

See? We can all learn. ­čśë

Personal gaming update

I decided I just couldn't push through to finish Doom , so it's on the back burner for now. It simply became too much of a chore and the fun factor dropped like a stone at about the six-hour mark. I might go back to it but for now, I'm focusing on Mirror's Edge Catalyst . Now, it has its problems. The story is meh and I have some issues with the gameplay; for instance, the Echo you're supposed to follow is nowhere near good enough, and the trial-and-error element is just off the charts. I don't even mind trial-and-error, so for me to say that it's wicked frustrating in Catalyst means there's an issue. That being said, I still really love the free-running mechanic and I just have fun playing it, despite the drawbacks.

Once I finish, it'll be on to the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and I'm lying in wait for I Am Setsuna .

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