For the first time in a long time, I won't be following E3 news, so I expect a lot of surprises when I go to check. ­čÖé

A "high-end remake" for Chrono Trigger and Cosmic Star Heroine

When you look back at what Squaresoft accomplished in the '90s, you can't help but be impressed.

I guess the company is looking back with rose-tinged glasses now, too, what with the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake , the HD remasters of Final Fantasy X and X-2 , and several other nods to the past. I know we're getting I Am Setsuna in July, which has been described as a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger , and speaking of the SNES classic, the game's director says he'd love to see a "high end remake" of some kind. Granted, he mentioned a movie so we might never get that remake but even so, it's nice to hear they're still thinking about that iconic IP. Chrono Cross on PS1 remains one of the best RPGs in history as well, and it really sucks that the "Chrono Break" project never came to fruition.

On top of that, we get a new retro RPG for PS4 and Vita called Cosmic Star Heroine , which I just saw. I'm more intrigued by I Am Setsuna but any time I see a traditional RPG, I have to pay attention because that style of gameplay has long since died on the big-budget side of the industry. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see if Square Enix revisits the classic CT at some point…

Hellblade has promise!

Hey, I've always said it had promise because it was made by Ninja Theory ( Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ), but I still had to see some gameplay. Now that more has become available recently, I'm definitely encouraged. This latest developer diary shows off a lot of combat and it could be extremely engaging and rewarding. Doesn't it look like an intriguing blend of Dark Souls and Devil May Cry ? Maybe a little more of the former as opposed to the latter, but I'm hoping Hellblade won't be as over-the-top challenging as a From Software title. It probably won't be, though, as Ninja Theory's games aren't especially restrictive.

The story and main character has a ton of potential as well; if you're not familiar, check out the preview I did last year.

Personal gaming update

I still have the urge to play through Uncharted 4: A Thief's End again, because it really is by far and away the best game of the generation, and one of the best games ever made. Just astounding. But I'm currently playing Doom , which is really fun. I just…I dunno, I'm not as gung-ho about it as I thought I'd be. Maybe it's because it's so mindless that it starts to feel a little repetitive after a while, and the lack of a decent story doesn't help. I basically just keep playing to get more weapon and suit upgrades. The game is hard, which I don't mind, but sometimes I feel it's a little unbalanced and the loading times are just way too slow, especially for a game where you die so often.

It's like balancing between "challenging awesomeness" and "repetitive boredom" and if it ends up in the latter category, I'm just going to start on the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . I'm hearing nothing but great things, as expected. ­čÖé Oh, and Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out this week, too, so…

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