So, what's everyone playing this Memorial Day Weekend? πŸ™‚

Another delay for No Man's Sky…concerning?

So I hear this one has been pushed back again , this time until August. Does that worry anybody?

I've never been sold on this game, regardless of the obvious potential. I know developer Hello Games has tossed out some ridiculous stats over the past year and the premise is appealing (i.e., a seemingly limitless universe to explore, and no two players' experiences will be the same), but it's just rife with pitfalls.

There are so many ways this could turn out to be a flop. The flying controls could be a mess, there might not be enough worthwhile stuff to find out there in the vast galaxy, it could seem aimless and pointless, etc. Hello Games did make one of my favorite games of the previous generation – Joe Danger – but there's such a massive gulf between that title and No Man's Sky that I'm very skeptical. I have a bad feeling that small team bit off a lot more than they can chew.

It won't be The Order 2, will it?

I guess developer Ready at Dawn will reveal their new game very soon here, but it won't be what I want, I'm sure.

I've wanted a sequel to The Order: 1886 ever since I finished that great game. But amid a flurry of terrible and even downright idiotic reviews from so-called critics, I'm willing to bet the studio was instructed to either try something new, or dramatically overhaul the present structure. Now, I wouldn't mind a little more freedom and perhaps some more meaningful boss encounters, but that's about it. As Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has once again proven, linearity doesn't equate to inferiority when compared to open-world and in fact, very often, linear experiences are better for a number of reasons. However, there's no battling the trends, now is there?

I don't think The Order sold well enough to warrant a sequel, either, did it?

New console announcements at E3…?

GameStop says they expect to see new system announcements at E3 and I guess we shouldn't be surprised. They've been talking about the PS4 Neo long enough and I bet Nintendo fully unveils the "NX." The jury's still out on Microsoft but as they won't want to be left behind, and we've heard whispers of an updated Xbox, they might make E3 a new console threesome. Well, whatever. Utterly ridiculous and unfortunate, I say. We're just not far enough into this generation to start talking about this, though I suppose I could blame VR (at least to a point). We could also say that in the manufacturer drive to produce easier-to-develop-for systems, they made consoles that just got too old way too fast.

Uncharted 4 pushes the hell out of the PS4, I know that. The system heats up big time with that disc.

Personal gaming update

And speaking of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End , I've completed the game and the review (click-y the link-y) and it really was a defining experience for me. I think it's very fitting that this might be the very last video game review I ever write. I've always loved Uncharted but I had my concerns going into this final entry, and I never expected it to have the effect on me that it did. I mean, this IP is bombastic and fun and beautifully produced and while it had its moments, it never made an indelible, emotional imprint on me. This one did. It was just the way it was crafted, and how this final chapter rolled out and ended that made me all melancholy. And thankful. If you call yourself a gamer, even when using the loosest possible definition of the term, you have to play it.

Uncharted 4 is hard to leave behind and if I didn't have Doom sitting here, and if the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wasn't coming out this week, I would've already started a new game. Once I'm done with those, and if I've got time before I Am Setsuna arrives in July, I will definitely go back for another go-round. It's just that good.

P.S. I know people want to see a Final Fantasy XV review from me but I'm just not sure I can waste $60 on that mound of filth. Then again, if I'm right and it really is junk, and the scores are in the freakin' 6s or something, it might be really fun to review. πŸ˜‰

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