So I mentioned Sucker Punch might be putting out a Spider-Man game. And I extemporaneously said that they were the best superhero game makers.

That might have been true when inFamous debuted, a lot of people found that story with Kessler to be very strong as a comic book style stand alone.

However upon further review yes Rocksteady does deserve the crown for doing what they did with Batman. Activistion has had a certain amount of success, though limited with Spider-man, and the Deadpool game should have been better. Sega and others tried to make a decent Captain America game with a free flow combat system a la Batman and Ironman had a go at it way back on PS2. Really though we haven't seen anything of similar quality as the MCU films on the video game front. Where is the effort?

Or, as Batman is doing pretty good for gaming and Suicide Squad is coming up for moveland and Batman V Superman was a big critical flop perhaps there's hope that DC could churn out a set of superhero games from their set of great heroes. The DC Universe free to play game is kind of okay and fighting games are kind of okay but where are the great experiences that take us alongside the comic heroes like Spider-Man 2 did on PS2 and Xbox?

My main point is that gaming is the place where we go to feel, well, super. It seems kind of silly that our superheros are so often pinched by poor stories, questionable mechanics, and skinny budgets. It isn't always the case, but with the heroes of geekdom riding high and even reaching the echelons of higher art and political thought these days why isn't there a bigger push to bring that kind of success to gamers?

We've had some bad Superman and Hulk games. What would you like to see?

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