Still feels very strange to come in here after a week's absence, but it also feels a little like coming home. 🙂

Watch Dogs 2? Eh…I don't know…

I saw Ubisoft's quote about the sequel having a new tone and I'm not sure I care, one way or the other. I really liked Watch Dogs but as I look back, I realize it's one of those games that didn't stick with me. The "tone" wasn't really a problem; it just didn't grab me, you know? I think they could definitely put a heavier emphasis on the story in the follow-up, though. That element wasn't developed enough and it has massive potential.

Okay, so it's not a horror game. It's still Kojima

I was annoyed when Silent Hills bit the dust, too. Not only because the game could've been fantastic, and I'm not necessarily a big horror fan, but because the Kojima/Del Toro collaboration would've been epic . That being said, when I heard Kojima's new game wouldn't be a horror adventure , I just shrugged my shoulders. So what? This is Hideo Kojima we're talking about! My only concern is if his legendary ambition and perfectionist mentality makes his new endeavor last like 10 years. Before, he was always under the gun as Konami would put pressure on him to deliver in a certain span of time but on his own, well…

Battlefield 1 could be pretty awesome

I don't really care about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare , simply because I'm not a big fan of futuristic settings and as always, I'm just not into multiplayer. But though I haven't played a Battlefield I really enjoyed in a while, Battlefield 1 could be pretty freakin' sweet. We're finally going back to one of the classic World Wars, huh? I think DICE could do an amazing job with it, and the footage I've seen so far is just sick. I don't see why anybody is surprised about the presence of microtransactions , though. Of course it'll have them. Every game with a hefty online presence will. And the developer will always say it's "not play-to-win." Predictable, we get it.

Uncharted 4 is totally incredible

I'm only on Chapter 8 (I'm busy and I'm also trying to savor this one) but it's already the most impressive game of the generation by a wide margin. Somehow, someway, Naughty Dog consistently produces games that are simply head-and-shoulders above the rest of the industry. Every time I play a new ND game, be it a new Uncharted or The Last Of Us , I always say to myself- "This is another level. It just is." And I've been saying that since the moment this unbelievable adventure kicked off. I also laughed so hard at the scene where Drake plays the original Crash Bandicoot with Elena watching. The nostalgia factor, from the panning of the camera to take in the original grey PlayStation and that intro loading sound, to the hysterical commentary…it was just remarkably enjoyable. Can't wait to play more.

And yes, I'll try and get a review done at some point.


In addition to setting new professional goals, I have several new personal goals, one of which is fitness-related. Over the past year or so, via a 6-times-per-week regiment that alternates cardio (rowing) and lifting, I dropped 45 pounds. I've long since been at my ideal weight (just under 180); my body fat percentage is now under 10 percent, my heart rate has dropped into the low 50s, and my new best time for the 10K on the rower is 43:57. Before year is out, I want to break 40 minutes and get into some of the better recorded times. 🙂

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