First off, Happy Mother's Day. ­čÖé

Secondly, the difference between doing PSXE on a daily basis and…well, not, has become abundantly clear awfully fast:

As my focus is always elsewhere and video game news is never atop my priority list, I'm way out of the loop. For nearly a decade, I always knew everything that was happening in the industry the same day it happened. Now, the only way I know is if I glance at my email or at the site here.

Perfect example: I only found out today that Dishonored 2 was coming out in November. It's one of my most anticipated games of the generation but the announcement was several days ago, right? And then there's this Battlefield 1 thing for fall, and I think I totally missed the official confirmation of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare . I wonder what else I've missed…

But it's a good thing. It actually makes me interested to see these bits of information whereas before, it was just another press release I had to handle. Anyway.

Well then, Uncharted 4 is quite the beast, isn't it?

I can't remember the last time I saw a game score so crazy high all over the place. A 94 Metacritic average after 71 counted reviews? That's almost unheard-of. But hey, it's Naughty Dog, and I think the last time we saw such overwhelmingly positive applause was when The Last Of Us came out. Everyone is saying it's just amazing and while I'm not exactly surprised, it's certainly nice to see. Can't wait to play, though it might have to wait until Wednesday night.

Too bad DoaX3 didn't turn out very well

I read David's review of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune and that's just…unfortunate. I was a fan of these games but I always knew they needed a mechanical overhaul and apparently, we didn't get one in the latest entry. Now I'm not so annoyed that we're not getting it in Western regions. It just ticks me off that we can't have a decent volleyball game, though; I picked up some old PS2 volleyball game I'd never heard of (something with "Summer Heat" in the title, I think) last year, but it was just unplayable. 'sigh'

Beat Ratchet & Clank

Yep, done. The final boss was a pretty decent challenge, I think, and I'm just really happy with the whole experience. This game was, perhaps fittingly, my last review at PSXE and I stand by every word because it truly is a refreshing and wonderfully enjoyable adventure. We just don't get games like that anymore (at least not on a relatively big-budget scale). And speaking of which, I've seen more than a few requests for me to do an Uncharted 4 review. I might be able to do that but it'll come way late, as I just won't have the requisite time.

I keep seeing a lot of hate over this PS4 Neo business

I was never a fan of the idea but I don't despise it as much as some people, obviously. I haven't seen this much blatant and overt hatred since the first year of the PS3. People are saying it'll splinter the market, Sony will lose long-time fans, it'll totally screw up the flow of the generation, etc, etc, etc. I've never liked the idea of being forced to upgrade my hardware a few years into any era of gaming, and I like it even less now. But I'm also not sure the upgraded PS4 warrants this level of backlash. I dunno…have to learn more about it, I guess.

Thank you again

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, as I continue to see messages about my departure. It really means a lot. By the way, Gordon set up a forum off-site so the PSXE community has a home if and when the owner decides to pull the plug, and that's very appreciated. He can fill you in on the details but the link is live now . If PSXE goes down at some point this year, I'm sure you'll see me there at some point. ­čÖé

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