One of the reasons I like being a console gamer is that I don't have to worry about upgrading my hardware for a while .

It's one of the biggest allures of this admittedly simpler side of the hobby: Just press a button and play. I've always loathed the idea of constantly fiddling with settings and drivers and wondering which part of my machine needs to be altered or upgraded. I remember my friends debating over video cards and sound cards back in the day and it just drove me nuts. I don't care about this stuff.

But if Sony really plans to release a "PS4.5," as we just learned , I guess we'll have finally crossed over to the PC realm. Before, we didn't have updates and patches for hardware and software; now we do. Before, we didn't have expansions and extra content sold at later dates; now we do. Before, we could count on a console to last us at least a good five years (the PS3/360 generation did drag on a tad too long, but it was nice not having to upgrade for 7 years). Now that's out the window, too? PlayStation 4 has only been out for a little over two years and you're already talking about a new, "slightly more powerful" system? Yeah, I know current owners might have the option of upgrading their console without buying a whole new machine, but I'm pretty sure it'll come at a cost, right?

At this point, what incentive do I have left to even be a console gamer? It's starting to feel a helluva lot like the PC universe and I really can't stand it. The only difference is that I can have a much more comfortable chair and a much larger screen but there are even ways around that if I wanted to spend an obscene amount of money for a silly huge PC monitor. And hey, the entire damn industry is going digital so it's not like I can say I need less storage space for console games (jewel cases and even DVD boxes were always smaller than those silly huge PC boxes). I suppose we all knew this would happen at some point, that home consoles would eventually become exactly like PCs in the living room, but I at least hoped a console like the PS4 would last longer than two years .

Now, if this new upgraded system is really only good for bolstering PlayStation VR, in which I have little interest, then I guess it's no big deal to me. But if games really do look and perform better, which I suppose they obviously will thanks to a better GPU, that means I have to settle for a lesser experience because I wasn't prepared to upgrade a measly two years after I bought the machine? No, Sony. I won't be doing that. I might be the only one – yes, I get that I'm a dinosaur – but you know, I doubt it. I'm willing to bet a lot of gamers will be a tad miffed about this whole "PS4.5" idea.