We know very little about it at this point, but what are your requirements when it comes to Nintendo's mysterious "NX" system?

As I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the SNES, I doubt the company can deliver anything I'll want, but I'm not about to give up hope.

If the NX is a bit more powerful than PlayStation 4, that won't convince me of anything. I don't care much about that kind of thing; I never really did. And it certainly isn't sweetening the deal if you tell me Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake might be better on the NX …as both games will basically blow hardcore (from my perspective, mind you), I couldn't possibly care less. A niftier gimmick won't do anything for me, either. No, if Nintendo wants me to buy their console, they're probably going to have to do a few things I know they won't do.

Making a new mascot for the first time in three decades would be a start. Yeah, Mario, Samus, and Link were a part of my childhood, too, but you'd think they could give us a new face at some point. And yes, you can improve on formulas by retaining their original charm and style, as many other developers have proved. Zelda could be a great open-world action/adventure, if done correctly, and the possibilities for Metroid are freakin' endless if Nintendo would just remember the word "innovation." But beyond all that, I'd like a normal system . Stop with the gimmicks; just give me a regular ol' console that is an obvious step up from the Wii U, that gives me experiences I really can't have on any other system (despite the aging mascots, Ninty's first-party mascots are still a draw, as is the gameplay associated with them), and I'll consider it.

I've already passed on Xbox One this generation and I could use another console. Wii U was just a really bad joke, as far as I was concerned, and I will never again be a PC gamer. Nintendo NX looks like the last opportunity to be a multi-console owner this generation, and it really isn't out of the realm of possibility. It would make for a decent complement to the PS4, provided Nintendo gives me something I actually want. If not, well, I've still got the SNES.