It has been a love/hate relationship between Nintendo and myself over the years.

Like most kids who grew up in the '80s, it started out all love. I still remembered the chores I had to do to earn that priceless NES, and I still remember thinking nothing could ever top the SNES. I also remember considering Sega to be an unwanted, unworthy intruder (even though I eventually did own a Genesis).

Then love turned to sudden indifference when I discovered role-playing games in the mid-to-late '90s. This meant the N64 was basically nonexistent to me, while the first PlayStation and PC got all my attention; between the likes of Baldurs Gate , Heroes of Might and Magic , Diablo , Final Fantasy , Suikoden , Shadow Hearts , Legaia , Wild ARMs , Breath of Fire , etc., I was in heaven. Couldn't play 'em all if I tried (and I did try for a while). Then PS2 came out and boggled my mind, and while this definitely turned my attention to all sorts of different genres – thank you Grand Theft Auto III , Devil May Cry , Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater , and Ratchet and Clank – I still couldn't find a reason to own the GameCube.

There was even less reason for me to own a Wii, as I basically saw it as the first video game console designed specifically for non-gamers. A fad and nothing more, which is precisely what it turned out to be. Then the Wii U was just an upgraded version of that fad. Yay. Well, at long last, Nintendo might finally give me the console I think I've wanted since the SNES and if it turns out to be exactly that, it will be the first Ninty system I've actually owned since the SNES. All they have to do is create a normal game console that doesn't rely on a gimmick, and present their legendary mascots in a new way. Okay, maybe not entirely new (Nintendo hasn't done anything "entirely" new with Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. in a long -ass time), but at least something that feels…modern. It can't be that hard to do.

And as I've already resolved not to get the Xbox One, there's an open space in my entertainment center for another console. I'm usually a multi-console owner and I had Xbox and Xbox 360 but I've got everything I need with PS4 and I can't see any reason to own the Xbox One now, or in the future. Nintendo's new console might give me that variety of gaming by offering experiences distinctly different to those on PS4, you know? Just do it right, Nintendo. Do it right and you and I can be BFFs again. And forever.

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