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Hmm…which PS2 Classics might I actually pay for?

It's not that I disagree with the points Sony made in regards to the prices. It's just that I don't care enough about the new supported features like Trophies and Sharing options, and I really hate the idea of paying to play a game that's sitting right over there in my collection.

However, I've been thinking: Which PS2 classics might I actually spring for? Which titles did I miss a couple generations ago and I'd pay to play on my PS4 today? I saw the recent rumored list and both Siren and Ape Escape 3 sorta got my attention. I always wanted to play Siren ; I heard it was a really well-done horror game, and while I never got into the Ape Escape games back in the day, I've been really pining for a classic-style platformer. It's why I'm actually really excited about that Ratchet & Clank remake . I love Wild ARMs 3 but that's one of those instances where I own it on PS2 and as I always have my PS2 hooked up, why in God's name would I buy it again? For those new supported features? Bah.

I'm also tempted to grab Fantavision but while I'm curious, I doubt it would hold my attention for very long. A few games that might make me pull the trigger: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty , which I tried for about ten minutes back in the day, and I couldn't stand it. I don't even remember why now, but I know MGS3 ended up being one of my favorite games of all time. Bottom line is I always felt that I never gave MGS2 enough of a chance. I might be interested in Smugglers Run 2: Hostile Territory , too, because I adored the original (wasn't it a launch title for PS2?) and I never got around to trying the sequel. Another one is Okami , a game that just sounds ingenious (and looked amazing at the time), but I never played it. I actually borrowed it from a friend but never gave it a whirl.

What are some PS2 Classics you'd actually pay to play on PS4?

Square Enix isn't "fussing" over the structure of Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Did you see that quote concerning the format of the FFVII Remake? Yoshinori Kitase was answering a question concerning the structure of the environment; i.e., would it be open-world/sandbox, and his reply was as follows :

"We can't say anything yet, but we don't plan on fussing about whether it's a so-called open-world or sandbox. But since Nomura is more focused on the creation of the scenery, we want to express an environment [where] character actions affect the scenery."

Okay, wait: You can't even say if the game is open-world at this point? Exactly at what stage of development is this project? Like brainstorm stage? This statement tells me they may not even know exactly how the iconic world will b e presented just yet, although I do like that their focus is on "the creation of the scenery." I honestly can't imagine this game as an open-world adventure and frankly, I don't really want to. But the more I hear, the more it's starting to sound like Final Fantasy XV with a different skin. I envision a very similar battle system, a similarly open world, etc. I have zero interest but perhaps it'll appeal to…someone.

Anyway, not surprised to hear about it being "fully voiced." Of course it will be. And I've never had any problem with that.

Personal gaming update

Too busy with holiday stuff to play much but here are a few thoughts:

— So can't wait to try out the new Amplitude , which is now set for January 5 . I put a ton of hours into that particular PS2 classic and I also loved Rock Band Blitz . Those old music/rhythm games where you use a standard controller and not some lame-o plastic instrument always got me, for some reason.

— Uncharted 4: A Thief's End suffers another delay but I'm not too concerned. If it had been something major, it would've been a lot longer than 5 weeks and besides, I think even Naughty Dog can struggle with a new piece of hardware. The first Uncharted on PS4 has got to shine because, quite frankly, anything less than brilliance will not be accepted by the fans. They expect a rock solid production that absolutely never skips a beat, and in a generation where seemingly every major release has some sort of hiccup, I've got no problem with Naughty Dog attempting to stay ahead of the curve by taking a bit more time to polish.

— Been playing a fair amount of Rocket League recently, primarily because it's ridiculously fun and it's a game you can pick up and play for a half-hour here and there. I'm not surprised at all that nearly 9 million have played it ; it's a strange and unique concept but everyone seems to love it. It's just so easy to love, you know? Downloadable game of the year is actually going to be really tough, what with this, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Bastion also releasing this year on the PSN.

Actually, a lot of categories will be exceedingly tough this year…

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