In point of fact, I don't believe 2015 was a big year for disappointments.

I daresay that most anticipated titles delivered the goods and even if they wren't masterpieces, they were still solid products and, to many, wildly entertaining.

But there are always a few that simply don't click with you. Maybe it's because the game just didn't live up to your lofty expectations, or maybe it's because the game was simply not very good, regardless of those expectations. Perhaps a popular choice will be Star Wars: Battlefront , which felt a little light and didn't resonate with most critics. Then again, many others might vote for The Order: 1886 , which will remain controversial for a very long time.

But this is really more about the game that wasn't up your alley but, by all rights, it should've been. For me, it's probably Dragon Quest Heroes , which felt like a mediocre hack 'n slash action game with a bunch of role-playing elements grafted onto the back end. It had some of the classic RPG goodness for which this franchise was always so well known, but that was about the only upside for me. The rest was just a sea of monsters amid bad camera angles on a Dynasty Warriors -esque battlefield. Yippee. I know it's a spin-off but how you can even put the name "Dragon Quest" on the box is beyond me. And you know, I don't care what anyone says; personal preferences aside, the game simply wasn't that good in the first place.

One game that was obviously great that I couldn't get into was Bloodborne . I really wanted to like it but in the end, it felt like too much of a chore. One other title is actually Rory McIlroy PGA Tour ; I thought I'd have a fantastic golf game that I'd play the crap out of during the summer but it just didn't pan out. Everything I'd heard about the game – like being able to completely customize the stroke mechanic – made me excited to try it, but it was another game that felt oddly empty and devoid of personality, and the mechanics just seemed erratic. Bring on the new Hot Shots Golf !

How's about you?