It's okay. We understand your temporary bout of insanity in siding with Microsoft for Sunset Overdrive . We loyal PlayStation fans forgive you.

And we're more than willing to welcome you back into the fold if you say you're making another Resistance . And it doesn't have to be exclusive to PlayStation 4 (even if some fans love the idea).

As far as I'm concerned, this franchise never got the appreciation it deserved. Oh, it did from critics but it didn't always explode on the sales charts, which was a shame. And these days, narrative-driven shooters feel like they're on life support, as multiplayer domination and the constant whining about short FPS campaigns have taken its toll. It's hard to find any FPS campaign that's longer than seven or eight hours; I well remember the days when 15-hour single-player shooter adventures were normal. I really miss story-driven shooters like the original Red Faction , Singularity and of course, the Resistance titles. So, it might be a tall order for Insomniac to bring us another Resistance , unless they could prove to the world that it would also offer awesome multiplayer.

For me, Resistance: Fall of Man remains one of my favorite games ever, and was almost worth the stupid $600 price tag of the PlayStation 3 on launch day. And I don't care what anyone says, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 were absolutely stellar efforts. This is exactly the kind of shooter I can get behind, and I'd very much appreciate it if Insomniac and Sony would strike up another deal…c'mon, Resistance 4 for PS4; announce it at E3 2016!

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