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PlayStation 4 passes 30 million, still ahead of PS2

For the record, I don't believe for a second that PS4 can actually outsell PS2, which ended up selling over 155 million units worldwide. There's no chance PS4 passes that number.

The industry is completely different today; PS2 had very little competition, as Xbox and GameCube didn't put up much of a fight and nowadays, Microsoft is always a stiff competitor and Nintendo is tossing a wrench into the works. They're going to launch their new system in the middle of this new generation and some believe this could exert pressure on both Sony and Microsoft to produce another console before originally intended. I'm not sure that's going to happen, as Nintendo is no longer in direct competition with PlayStation and Xbox. The demographics and overall audiences are just too different. Even so, this generation will not wear on long enough and Sony won't keep PS4 in production long enough (PS2 got nearly 13 years); 160 million+ is a pipe dream.

Still, 30 million sold worldwide after just two years is nothing to sneeze at. It's all the more impressive because after last generation, when PS3 and Xbox 360 duked it out (and PS3 had to overcome a very slow start), it was hard to envision an era where a PlayStation console outsold an Xbox system by nearly a 2:1 margin. Depending on which sources you use, it looks like Xbox One isn't much past 16 or 17 million at this point (even though I know it'll outsell PS4 during the holidays, as it already did in November ). On top of which, 2016 looks like the year of the PS4 with all those great exclusives on tap, so I believe Sony will ultimately win the console war. But beating the PS2 total? No.

People seem a mite worried about Rainbow Six Siege

The negative feedback started swirling when Ubisoft was forced to delay the open beta and even though they've been working on it (it might be working now ), gamers are not impressed.

The publisher has been saying all along that this game could be absolutely huge but right now, it's not looking good. Just based on this article , it seems there are a lot of ticked-off consumers out there, and most are simply deciding to pass on Rainbow Six Siege due to the beta issues. Don't forget that the anticipated tactical shooter is supposed to launch this week, on December 1. Therefore, it's hard to believe the developers when they say the launch should go smoothly after they've got everything fixed. I mean, it has only been a matter of days since this beta went south and the full game is supposed to be on store shelves on Tuesday. …not encouraging. That's the problem when betas fail in this way; if they're really close to the actual launch, that title could be in serious trouble.

Personal gaming update

I tried to like Sword Art Online: Lost Song but it wasn't gonna happen. I'm not an anime fan and on top of that, the gameplay simply wasn't very good. Shallow, repetitive, and a campaign with a lackluster narrative really drag this game down. It's too bad because some of it's actually fun. Obviously, though, it's designed with the hardcore "Sword Art" fans in mind, so unless you qualify as such, I wouldn't waste your time. There are plenty of great holiday titles available right now, and don't forget that Just Cause 3 drops this week. It's getting a huge day one patch but what open-world game doesn't these days?

After I'm done with Rainbow Six Siege (if it's even playable this week) and JC3, I'm going back to Assassin's Creed Syndicate . I suppose it's feasible that JC3 could hook me because I've always liked the free-wheeling concept. But unless Avalanche has finally decided to fix the controls that have plagued that IP from the start, and unless I feel like there's a point to the mayhem, I might lose interest fast. We'll see.

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