The word "reboot" has become awfully popular over the past five or six years.

It started to gain a lot of traction toward the end of last generation (and perhaps rightly so, given the staleness of certain franchises) and it has continued strong ever since.

We're still seeing reboots left and right. This year's Need for Speed entry is a "full reboot," for example, and Doom is one of the most well-known reboots in development right now. They're even calling the upcoming Mirror's Edge: Catalyst "more of a reboot than anything else."

But maybe we're not addressing the elephant in the room. Perhaps we should all acknowledge that the one franchise that desperately needs a reboot is the legendary Final Fantasy .

As I understand it, reboots are issued when a franchise has either lost its way or has fallen in popularity, or both. I think we can all agree that FF qualifies for both. Not only has Final Fantasy XV been in development for nearly a damn decade (it was originally Final Fantasy Versus XIII , which was initially revealed way back in 2006), but Square Enix is continually asking for feedback. It just seems painfully obvious to everyone that they have no idea what to do with this series. They have no idea; they really don't. And then you've got the sales, which have been tanking badly ever since Final Fantasy XIII . That game sold over five and a quarter million , and then FFXIII-2 sold only 2.6 million , and the embarrassment that was Lightning Returns barely broke a million .

Numbers-wise and direction-wise, this is a no-brainer, isn't it? There's only so long you can flounder about, asking questions and trying to produce a game that magically satisfies the long-time fans and modern-day gamers who have never heard of – and want nothing to do with – outdated mechanics. If you can't figure it out, take some time off and do a full-fledged reboot.