A bit of a break between now and Assassin's Creed Syndicate . I'll have to use the time wisely.

Yakuza 6, Gravity Rush 2, Hot Shots 4, and…PS4 price drop?

There weren't many highlights from this year's Tokyo Game Show but I liked some of what I saw, although I was sorta hoping PlatinumGames would show off any progress they'd made with that Nier sequel.

Hearing about Yakuza 6 was exciting and it's weird that I'm excited. I haven't finished a game in the series since the original (even though I've played at least a portion of every entry that came to the U.S.) and at this rate, Yakuza 6 is years away. It takes Sega forever to localize these games; for crying out loud, Yakuza 5 on PS3, which launched back in 2012 in Japan, is just now coming out in North America. It's just that these games always have surprisingly great stories and I love the combat mechanic. Guess I can be patient.

I didn't finish the original Gravity Rush , either, but it was a great Vita game and the newly announced sequel for PS4 should be awesome. Those who missed out on the first title (or don't have a Vita) should really pay attention once the news on Gravity Rush 2 starts to flow. It's a unique and captivating experience. As for Hot Shots Golf on PS4 , I'm all for it. Love me some HSG; just make sure it's a full game, Clap Hanz, with tournament or career or whatever. Lastly, the PS4 price cut for Japan isn't surprising, as the system hasn't fared as well as anticipated in that region.

But I do wonder: Why? Why exactly has it done so much better in North America and Europe? If I asked Sony, what would they say is the reason(s)?

Nice to see single-player DLC getting some traction

For the longest time, 99 percent of all downloadable content I saw was for multiplayer. Only very rarely did I see a DLC pack or expansion that was single-player-oriented, which is mostly why I never bother with extra content. But we're starting to see a lot more recently:

There's the newly revealed Bloodborne expansion , The Old Hunters, which I imagine fans of the game can't wait to try. PlayStation 4 owners will get some exclusive mission-based DLC for Assassin's Creed Syndicate right out of the gate, we're getting 10+ hours worth of content with that Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in October, and we know the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will get single-player DLC as well . It's true that such add-on content typically costs more than most multiplayer packs, but that's because the single-player expansions require way more time and resources.

The Left Behind DLC for The Last Of Us was so good, it made me look forward to the idea of more single-player expansions. If they're done correctly, they serve the original DLC purpose: Expand upon a great experience.

Personal gaming update

Even though MGSV should be getting all of my attention, I'm still wading through some sports games. NHL 16 is done but now I've got FIFA 16 to do, which I'm not exactly relishing but I always find a way to get involved in the soccer sims…despite the fact that I absolutely can't stand watching the sport. And I have to say, I really enjoy Leo's Fortune and it comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a clean, engaging platformer with a unique twist. The combination of standard platforming gameplay and puzzles is a big draw, too. If the developers want to make another game designed specifically for consoles (and not mobile platforms, like this title), I'd be all for it. Just make it deeper and take advantage of what the PS4 can do.

Beyond that, as I said, I'm just waiting on Syndicate , which releases on October 23. I hear The Taken King for Destiny is pretty darn good but I just can't into that again. For some reason, that game totally saps my energy and interest.

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