PlayStation is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. Yep, two damn decades, if you can believe it.

If you like, you can vote for the best original PS1 titles , which for some is a very difficult task.

But let's probe a little deeper into our gaming pasts and reminisce about what made us PlayStation fans. If you ask around, you'll find that many believe there's one game that made them a PlayStation follower for life. It's the one title that wowed them to the point of tears, that kept them coming back to the brand for more moving experiences. Can you pinpoint one game in PlayStation's history that solidified your loyalty to the brand, or perhaps converted you? And of course, these don't have to be PS1 games; if you came late to the party, you're hardly excluded from this question.

For me, I'd say it was a combination of two things: The original PlayStation really opened my eyes to the world of role-playing games, which I never really cared much about before. Yes, I went back to play games like Chrono Trigger , Final Fantasy VI and Secret of Mana , after I realized they were just the kinds of titles I'd love to try. It was PlayStation that sparked this in me; it was Suikoden , Tales of Destiny , Wild ARMs and Beyond the Beyond that began my love affair with the genre, and Final Fantasy VII that solidified that love. Even though I've since moved away from JRPGs for a variety of reasons, I will never forget the glory days of the PS1 (and into the PS2).

Secondly, I'd probably have to say that aside from FFVII, Final Fantasy Tactics and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night had an indelible impact. If I had to pick one, I'd say it was FFT that actually turned me into a die-hard PlayStation fan, just because I'd been sort of building to it for some time. I'd been ignoring Nintendo, Sega and PC for a while and when FFT came out and I got hooked, I started to realize that Sony might be the only company I really needed. Of course, that's not the way it turned out, as I continued to be a multi-console owner in each generation, but I knew that if I wanted games like FFT, I'd have to go PlayStation. Okay, so Koudelka and Tactics Ogre weren't anywhere near as good, but don't forget about Disgaea in the PS2 generation!

What about you?

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