I mean, I'm just wondering.

How much longer do I have to see countless headlines about this particular character? Yeah, I get it. She isn't wearing much. Can we please move on?

I'm sure it will evoke some pretty great cosplay (here's one example ) but really, could we maybe focus on the game? It's not like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a merely average production and the only thing worth talking about is the half-naked character. This is easily the best game of the generation thus far (in my estimation and in the eyes of many) and all I see is Quiet dominating the web. So, if someone could maybe just give me an estimate as to how long the adolescent obsession will last, I'd appreciate it. I'll just mark my calendar; that's when I can start looking at game news again without rolling my eyes.

Here's what gets me: This industry has seen countless scantily-clad hotties. The list is endless. And yet, every time we get a new one, we run around with our tongues hanging out, drooling over another virtual form. All we're really doing is proving that in truth, nothing about the gaming community is all that mature and, aside from the basic tenet that sex sells, we're basically sending the wrong message. Put some half-dressed chick in a game and we'll be fascinated; the game doesn't have to be good and in fact, there could be much bigger news but we won't even notice. And then we freak out when people like Jimmy Kimmel and Colin Cowherd have a few unkind things to say about gamers (even if it's in jest).

We have no right to posture and parade about, trying to educate people on just how mature and well-adjusted this community is, when every single time a new hot character lands on the Internet, we can't think about anything else for weeks. Plain and simple.

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