Not that I'm complaining, but does anyone else think this year's Call of Duty is almost flying in under the radar?

I mean, granted, I'm comparing it to marketing blitzes in previous years and the fact that we're still a few months from release. Even so, I don't think Black Ops III is getting a fraction of the hype and general attention we've seen in years past. Did it even make a significant splash at E3 or Gamescom? Was I just not paying attention?

Even if I wasn't, it's plain that this year's effort isn't garnering the same number of headlines and once again, it makes me wonder: Despite the resurgence of the franchise thanks to last year's Advanced Warfare , I'm just not sure CoD ever recovered from the stumble that was Ghosts . Furthermore, I do think the series is past its prime in terms of absolute and total domination. I'm fairly certain Black Ops III will own the sales crown for 2015 but I imagine it'll be closer than people think (expect Star Wars: Battlefront to perform well), and don't forget that Grand Theft Auto V dethroned CoD a few years back in terms of overall sales.

Something like Call of Duty will never completely disappear. It's simply the nature of the popular mainstream product; the masses demand the safe and familiar and that's precisely what heats up the charts. Activision has known this truism for a long time. But you can't deny that even the hottest products eventually hit a wall, and we've seen it time and time again in the industry. From the Wii's meteoric start and its steep decline a few years after to the collapsing of the music/rhythm industry, it's not uncommon. I just wonder if CoD's decline will be a little slower…

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